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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Glimpse in the past...

I’ve postponed for quite some time writing on the PwC-AIESEC blog. (If you met me in person, you will have realized by now I have serious challenges with technology. Hence, it was not easy to solve the mistery of making postings on this blog. Thank you, Agustin for taking the time to consult me- hope you can use a chargeable code for this job:-)).

Now that I made it, for my first posting I would like to share with you one particular image that came back to my mind these days. It’s the image of myself waiting for one hour in the airport in Istanbul for the connecting flight to take me back to Romania for the Christmas holiday. It was 23rd December 2005 and I was coming back from a conference in Baku, Azerbaijan- see picture.

That one hour waiting there alone right before Christmas gave me the chance to have a brief looking back into 2005, but not only- tears started rolling down on my face after couple of minutes. Hm, not funny at all- in the next second all the people around me gave me a strange look, the look of “is she insane? We’ve better move one chair away, who knows what she might be up to.” But what they did not know was that I was exploding of happiness inside and on the outside that converted into tears.

As I looked back, I saw Norica in 2002 at the beginning of her AIESEC journey having what I thought it was just a nice dream- to become the coordinator for a global AIESEC partnership. More than three years later, in July 2005 I did accomplish a dream which I had forgotten in the meantime. And still, it was not the fact that I accomplished that dream which determined my outburst, but the fact that the reality was to my surprise far better than the dream itself.

The one year experience as a Global Coordinator in PwC has been the utmost experience for me. Each piece of this experience had it’s own role: I had to deal with a partnership that it’s more as a long-lasting friendship, I kept in touch with AIESEC, I travelled to so many new (exotic) countries, I had to go beyond my personal and professional limits, I was trusted and given important responsibilities, I worked hard and, last but not least, I enjoyed great results as well as I experienced non-achievements which enriched even more my learning path.

All these pieces put together formed a puzzle that I was proud to look at in the end of my journey. But the true linchpin of this puzzle, as mentioned many times, were (and, fortunately still are) the peopleI had the chance to meet, work with and get inspiration from. In the end, behind any great company/ partnership/ experience there are people who make dreams happen.

Inspiration, motivation, enlightening…I felt all these more strongly in the past year than in my whole life. And they all came from the people with whom I worked. The list starts with my boss, Karel- Global AIESEC Champion. Luckily (maybe unluckily for him:-)) I continue working with him in my current role as well. Extremely structured, fast responsive, well organized (a bit of a freak I might say:-)), attentive towards your personal and professional development opportunities, visionary, always questioning decision made (don’t think it’s always easy working with him, but that makes it just great)…yep, for me it was the perfect recipe for a truly inspirational boss. (Karel, if you ever happen to read this, I did my best to put you in a good light:-)).

Karel was not the only one that made my experience an incredible one. Meeting people such as Keith Bell, Paul Batchelor (former Global AIESEC Champions), Richard Baird (HC Global Managing Partner and great supporter of AIESEC) in my AIESEC-related role or working with Marianne Dewandeleer from PwC in Belgium literally propelled me. And the list could definitely continue: AIESEC alumni who are now working in PwC, PwC AIESEC contacts in countries all over the world, PwC colleagues in Belgium.

It was all about the people I got in contact with that deepened the positive impact one year experience as coordinator had on me.

PS: I did not mention here, on purpose, the cherry on the cake of the PwC-AIESEC partnership- the trainees…my dears, I did not forget about you, on the contrary, my next posting is entirely dedicated to you. It will be coming shortly...if I still remember how to post thoughts in this space:-)


  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger Karel said…

    It is a good thing my wife or my kids did not read all the nice things you had to say. They would have concurred with the fact that I am difficult to live with, but for the rest would have wondered whether this was not a case of "mistaken personality".

    Anyway - you should be proud of what you achieved. You worked very hard, but more importantly also used your emotional intelligence and your creativity when that was required.

    I just hope you do not spend tears over PwC next Christmas !


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