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Monday, November 06, 2006

Group picture and leaving!

Well, finally last week the PwC office in Belgium decided to take a "serious" picture with all the AIESEC interns. It was no easy to find a proper "angle" for this picture, but I think we got it in the end; having all the smiling faces that reflects the youth and dinamism that is required to work in a multinational company such as PwC. Of course is something you always get when you gather AIESEC interns in any company or any place.

For the more formal pictures, we just missed Norica very much. We own her to be right now here having this great time at PwC Belgium.

And if you are wondering, the photo posted is just the "after-lunch" celebration for the formal photo (this one is going to be published later I believe) and a departure.

Now I'm talking about a leaving. Well on the other hand, just few days after this picture, one of the "old" members left us: Eduardo from Brazil. He had already about 1 year in the office and now he is moving to the New York office, but first enjoying the Brazilian summer ("caraio" I repeat it to you, I'm real jealous). Anyway Edu, if you're reading this, we are really going to miss you. We wish you the best of lucks.

So this show us that everyone is attached to cycle as an intern. At any given moment our days in one place will end, but what matters at the end are the friendships and good moments you keep with you afterwards.

By the way, Eduardo, you definitely have to post something here about your New York experience...


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