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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Travelling maina

Currently back in Hong Kong...Time flies and it is only less than five months since I left here in July, but when I'm back to the place where I started off, my whole world has been significantly changed.

When travelling has become the routine of my daily life, I really have the feeling that "World is our playground."

In the past month, I have been to London, Luxembourg, Milano, Frankfurt and met a lot of people, including AIESEC supporters - Painters, Directors, Managers, AIESEC alumni working in PwC; AIESEC members - MC, LC, CEEDer and PwC trainees. You see familiar faces everywhere, you talk the same language everywhere and you understand each other quite well everywhere. It is just simply amazing...

What impresses and inspires me most is meeting Marianno in Italy. As a partner, he still spent more than two hours with me and the AIESEC members to talk about the development of the partnership. He also spontaneously offers help in building up the relationship between AIESEC and French firm. I felt so motivated on my role when I did meet somebody who is that open-minded and supportive to our youth organisation...

In the coming month, I'm going to consolidate a little bit on my past work...and, looking forwards to IPM in Egypt!

Crystal MT from warm and humid HK...


  • At 4:45 AM, Blogger BetToX said…

    Well... was really nice also to meet you here in Milano... running for a traineeship on PwC is one of the most precious gifts that AIESEC ever is giving to me... so, we will be in contact for sure!!!


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