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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thank you all!

Happy 2007 to you all!

This past weeks have been for me a period of reflection as I've been looking back at the year spent in Belgium working as an Aiesec intern with PwC's Global Information.

I remember the time when I decided to become an SN back in December 04; much of my desire to get a traineeship derived from the inspiration I got from 3 wonderful trainees who are dear friends of mine: Adriana, Bruno, and Misao and from my own strong feeling that I needed to see a bigger picture and put myself to another test to see what I'm made of.

Matching was an adventure in itself and at times the destination seemed elusive, but I was relentlessly pushing forward with the help of those who believed in me and the final news from Norica gave a real meaning to all that adventure. The moment I was accepted I remembered that actually PwC was one of those very few companies I really wanted to work for ever since the beginning of my traineeship search. During the interview Sanjay and Neil were probably pleased to hear that one of my reasons to work for PwC was the reputation I knew it had and also the respect I had for it, and after this traineeship I can still say the same thing.

It’s been one whole year during which I’ve been offered learning experiences beyond my expectations, I’ve met and worked with people who still serve as inspiration for me, I enjoyed the friendship of some fine trainees, I had the chance to travel.
I can look back at this experience and feel happy for one very well spent year, for the satisfaction I got out of my work, for all the support and recognition I have received from those I’ve worked with and for all the friendship.

Karel, Tim, Neil and Sanjay, thank you for this wonderful chance, thank you for both the guidance and the freedom you’ve given me to do my work and thank you for making me feel a valuable member of GI.
Norica, I want to thank you for always being there for me and for all the friendship, kindness and support.
Eduardo, thank you for all your friendship and work. Thank you to all the PwC trainees for making this experience so much more interesting.

It’s been truly worthwhile and I will treasure this experience; the valuable lessons I have learned during last year will surely be used in this new stage of my life.

Thank you for a unique experience!

PS: unfortunately I don't have any pics from the UK office